Digital Practice Management Expo and Conference

GoodX is planning to host a Digital Practice Management Expo and Conference. The event will focus on Dental, Medical, Specialists and Allied professionals to show what the digital practice of the future will be like. GoodX will accredit the event for CEUs, so eligible attendees can receive 1 CEU per 1-hour attended, excluding break times, with a maximum of 6 CEUs for the day.


Professionals and supporting staff can attend the Digital Practice Management sessions, and supporting staff will receive certificates of attendance for these sessions. Topics will include digital practice management, clinical record-keeping best practices, POPIA in the practice and other topics of interest.


Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in panel discussions with the GoodX software developers - GoodX will consider your input in future GoodX products and services development;
  2. Rent exhibition stalls for their products and services; and
  3. Book speaker sessions.

To make the event interesting and practical for all attendees, we would appreciate your input by completing the following short survey on or before 19 August 2022 @ 14:00.