GoodX Client Portal Feedback

Good day!

We are in the process of enhancing the interface and making sure the GoodX Client Portal (CP) meets your support needs.

Thank you for taking the time in answering a few questions regarding the CP. This short questionnaire will only take ±5 min to complete. We ask that only people who have an account and logged a ticket on the CP fill in this questionnaire. Kindly also fill in the questionnaire only once.


When using the GoodX Client Portal , how easy or difficult do you find these actions?

Quick & easyNot great, but not difficultDifficult or confusingDon't know / haven't done this yet / don't use it
Create my Client Portal account
Log in to the Client Portal
Reset my Client Portal password
View all my open support tickets
View all my closed support tickets
Open a new support ticket
Send messages on open support tickets (on the Client Portal)
View messages about my open support tickets (on the Client Portal)
Download all my open support tickets in a CSV file
Rate and give feedback about my closed support tickets
Logout of the Client Portal

If you've answered "Not great, but not difficult" or "Difficult or confusing" for any of the above actions, please explain why you found the action not great / difficult / confusing to do in the Client Portal?

Are there any of these actions that you didn't know about?

Do you use the Client Portal for any other tasks/functions that we have not mentioned above?

Are there any functions that you feel you need or would be useful to you that are currently not in the Client Portal?

Would you be willing to complete another short follow-up questionnaire after we've implemented your feedback? *

Would you be willing to participate in a short (30min) live video-call to test the improved Client Portal?

Do you have any questions or comments about the Client Portal that you have not indicated above?