We present the following UNLIMITED FREE training courses:

Where & When?

1. Foundational GoodX Software Practice Management Training:

Diary & Medical Debtors training: every Tuesday and Thursday from 9h00 to 16h00

Medical Debtors training: every Wednesday from 9h00 to 16h00

Phone 010 286 0802 for a booking.

Who Can Join?

This free training is available to:

  • All our new software and switch clients
  • New personnel of existing clients
  • Existing clients that need a refresher course and training on specific issues
  • Clients who have upgraded from older versions to the new GoodX version 7.6.


Training is presented at the GoodX Headoffice Training Centre, Pretoria.

(For training at the Cape office, please contact us at 010 286 0802.)


You are welcome to book your place at least two days in advance. There are ten places available per session.


Sandwiches will be provided for lunch. If you have any special dietary requirements or preferences, we kindly request that you make provision for your own lunch.

Advantages of the training centre:

Our training centre is fully equipped to give you the opportunity to practice what you learn on fictitious data, which makes the learning process extremely effective.

If you want us to address specific issues during the training, we request you to communicate the issues to us when making your booking.

Please take Note:

The following training is NOT FREE:

  • GoodX Accounting training (cash books, bank reconciliations etc)
  • Stock management training (stock purchases, stock takes, stock adjustments, stock reporting)
  • Creditor training
  • Advanced Credit Control setup & training

If you need this specialised training, we kindly request you to send an email to help@goodx.co.za so that we can send a quotation for the training.