GoodX Switch

GoodX Switch is a real time (B2B) switch with patient validation, import and benefit checks to and from all large medical aid providers that support these features. GoodX Switch is integrated directly into GoodX Practice Management Software so you can manage everything under one roof with less administration hassle and no need for external software. We have optimised many of the time consuming steps, for instance proof of submissions can be emailed directly from account screen while doing credit control, this and other similar timesaving features makes our switch a major reason for moving to GoodX.

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Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs)

An ERA is an electronic payment explanation which provides you with the details about providers’ claims payments and when any claims are rejected, the ERA provides the reason why. ERAs are received by the medical practitioners who provide services to patients. This can streamline your workflow by knowing in advance which claims have been paid and for what amount.

GoodX provides you with integrated ERAs keeping costs down with a flat fee rather than a per claim fee. We also give you Discovery ERAs absolutely FREE.

What makes us Great?

  • Works in real-time and updates automatically
  • Electronic claims and submission to all major medical aids
  • Benefit checker for Discovery
  • Proof of submission directly from GoodX
  • Patient validation and patient information import
  • Immediate per claim response
  • Fast tracking of submitted claims
  • Import of ERAs
  • Automatic reconciliation of ERAs
  • No cost for resubmission of claims
  • No cost for rejected claims
  • Upfront checking saves time and improves cash flow
  • One point of contact for all your support needs
  • Real-time claim submission speeds up turnaround time
  • Immediate rejection due to invalid member information

Switch and Save

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Integrated Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) keep costs down with a fixed monthly fee rather than a per claim fee.

Get Discovery ERAs free with GoodX Switch!