GoodX On Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Compliance

GoodX Software consulted an expert, Elsabe Klinck (, to establish whether the GoodX patient statement complies with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

Consumer Protection Act (CPA)          

GoodX Software consulted an expert, Elsabé Klinck (, to establish whether the GoodX patient statement complies with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

According to Ms Klinck the statement (invoice and quotation system) will comply if it is used within an invoicing process that conforms with the Act, bearing in mind the following:

Patients must be informed of their treatment options and the cost thereof prior to the health service being rendered.  The patient has to agree to either a specific costs which will be associated with the treatment, or should have agreed to a quotation.

The patient must understand how the treatment will be billed.  This can be communicated verbally (with proof of that being available in the practice) or in writing (e.g. by having a list of generally charged codes, and when that is billed available in the practice) and could be referred to on the statement using GoodX’s Note functionality.

If a specific cost cannot be provided, the patient must be provided with a quotation that is accepted by the patient.  If the quantum and/or volume of items cannot be predicted in the quotation, this must be spelled out (for example consumables, medication that is billed on patient weight, time-based consultations, etc.).

If the quotation (“estimates”) function in the GoodX system is used, the Note facilities should be used for communicating this information.

We recommend that a practice’s terms and conditions document, forms and information provided, all confirm the practice’s pricing and billing policies.  Where possible the Notes functions on GoodX Software could be used to remind patients of their obligations towards the practice by referring to such documents and policies.

GoodX Software recommends that the practice consults a legal expert in the health sector to make sure that the specific wording on invoicing, and all quotation and invoicing process is in line with the Consumer Protection Act, the National Health Act and the National Credit Act.

Insofar as privacy is concerned, GoodX does not contact any patient and does not sell any data that is in its possession. Where it supports practices, such data is never released to any third party.  It is up to the practice to ensure that patients are aware of the details that have to appear on accounts to medical schemes.

GoodX continuously ensures that it is up to date with the latest legislative amendments, and we welcome your query in this regard.  Please do not hesitate to bring any other or further matters to our attention!

Kind regards,

Dr. Dirkie Wolvaardt
GoodX Software