Hospital Management Software

GoodX Software offers a variety of additional services designed to make managing your practice easy.GoodX is an established hospital management software supplier, offering our clients a wide range of medical practice equipment.

Customer Service Program

As a client of GoodX Software you will have a consultant appointed to your practice to assist you with the use of your GoodX Practice Manager software and hospital management software. The consultant will ensure that you are optimally utilising all the features of the software and that your practice is on the latest version.

All consultants are software professionals who undergo ongoing rigorous training to ensure that your practice remains at the forefront of technology.

Program Customisation Services

Being a prominent financial software development company, GoodX Software does customisations to tailor your GoodX Software Solution to your practices requirements. We evaluate all requests and those we find for common use in the market will be added to the standard product. All program changes are strictly per quotation on a time and material bases.

Data Management Services

In an ideal world data should never get lost or damaged, but the reality is that power failures, network trouble, faulty operating systems and program errors etc. can cause data damage and loss of information. So what can you do to protect your data?

GoodX Software has designed a special service whereby we take responsibility for your data integrity. As part of this service we do extensive tests and apply external controls to your GoodX hospital management Software & other software database on a monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis to give you ultimate peace of mind.

The service entails the testing, correction and reporting on database activity. If required, we also provide company data backups at additional cost.

Bookeeping Services

In the medical industry, your Practice Management Software is core to the successful administration of your business. It should form the hub managing all your activities to allow you more control of your practices finances.

At GoodX Software, we understand the time pressure that exists in the medical industry and we know that you need to remain focused on what you do best to keep ahead of the game, which seldom includes accounting!

With this in mind we have opened a Bookkeeping Services Division to assist you with keeping your practice’s books up to date. Now you need not worry about your VAT reporting, reconciliations, cashbook transactions etc. We will do it all for you. We will draw comprehensive routine reports for you on all the financial aspects of your business (customers, suppliers, stock, statistics, management reporting) and will sit down with you to discuss the outcome.

Add-on Service: SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) is now an indispensable component of business and commercial communications. The predominance of cell phones, and the fact that SMS is reliable, cost effective and immediate, made the technology a must for the GoodX Software customer. Now you can send you patients:

  • Appointment Reminders – Save costs. With the new GoodX SMS add-on module you can sms reminders of appointments to your patients at a fraction of the cost of a call. Your patients will enjoy increased customer service and you will save time and money.
  • Payment Reminders – Inform your patients once their accounts are 60 days or older. Sending final demands and other reminders in this method is a fast and cost effective way of communication between the practice and the patients.
  • “Happy Birthday” SMS wishes – Take your doctor / patient relationship to the next level! Sending personalised sms well wishes for special occasions will definitely make your patients feel special without you having to spend a lot of your valuable time doing it.
  • Repeat Prescriptions – Save time by letting your patients know beforehand of prescription that needs to be repeated. Once again your patients will enjoy superior customer care.
  • Marketing Specials – Keep your patients up to date with different specials offered each month.